Second Hand Trypotophan

Karl of Second Hand Tryptophan is Krazy. Crazy in a good way. Karl also has a column in his local paper in Florida. Despite the fact that Karl is clearly not a “her,” he managed to get into the BlogHer convention the past couple of years, despite the raised eyebrows the . His substantial following of women blog buddies who cheered him on. He manages to keep a good outlook, even when things that aren’t so pleasant happen – like being told by the woman he’s dating that she is breaking it off because she doesn’t have time for “distractions.” He’s divorced, he’s a dad, he hangs out with his mom sometimes, he karaokes, he travels to meet his blog buddies, goes to as many BareNaked Ladies concerts as he can manage, and all of it can be read about within the recesses of his blog.

What goes on in a men’s room has always been a mystery to me unless I’m sneaking in one along with hundreds of other women at intermission at any venue and the line to the women’s room is a mile long, which is always the case. These are mysteries that I had totally hoped would remain unsolved. But, Karl had to clarify things for me—make it abundantly clear not only what the rules of communication are in the men’s room, but what the hygienic standards are as well. This even grossed Karl out. I doubt seriously if I’ll be shaking hands with any men this week until this memory fades. Today this is The Rising Blogger’s Post of the Day, and it is titled, Thanks, But I’ll Pass on the Handshake .

Review written by LORI HAHN.

~ by rosannac on November 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Second Hand Trypotophan”

  1. Thanks very much for the mention! Most pleasant surprise.

  2. I can’t wait to check out Karls blog. Thank you Judd for what promises to be great blog.


    A Nice Place In The Sun

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